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Jackson County Relay For Life

The Relay for Life begins on the evening of a Friday night and lasts until late the next morning. However, there is much more involved than just these two days. The Relay is an organized event of the American Cancer Society that area residents participate in by forming teams. Teams are composed of 10-15 people who are connected somehow through work or an organization. These teams spend months preparing for the Relay and raising money, all of which goes to benefit the American Cancer Society. The local Relay is held on the Jackson High School track. One person from each team is to be walking during the duration of the event. All teams put up a tent where the team members can sit and socialize when they are not walking. Music and activities help kick off the evening and continue throughout the entire night. During the opening ceremonies of the Relay, guest speakers talk about cancer and its effects. The Relay begins with one opening lap walked by cancer survivers, who are denoted by tee shirts that have a different color from regular team shirts. Incentive prizes are awarded to outstanding members and teams.