Wellston Forum Political Quiz:

Use this form to determine the political ideology which best fits you. Fill in the circle besides the viewpoints which best fit your own beliefs then hit the submit button below.

Good form of population control
It is the mother's absolute right
It is ok in some cases
Used only in very extreme cases
Should be legal but not supported
Totally Illegal

Affirmative Action:
Oppose in all cases
Infringes on everyone elses rights
Should be supported in some cases
Should be mandatory

Campaign Finance Reform:
No government regulation
Only use public financing
Private funding should be limited
No limits on private contributions

Death Penalty:
Should be used often
Should be used sparingly
Should never be used
Is not at all effective in deterring crime

Drug Policy:
Automatic jail time for offenders
Initiate a war on drugs
Increase drug education
Ok for medicinal purposes
Legalize more drugs

Should not be controlled by the government
Vouchers for private schools
Increase funding for public schools
Send everyone to public schools

Increase environmental standards for everyone
Increase environmental standards for industries
Decrease environmental standards for industry
No Environmental Laws

Evolution vs Creationism:
Evolution should not be taught
Creationism and Evolution should be taught together
Schools should decide what to teach
Only evolution should be taught

Flag Burning:
Should be a crime to burn the flag
Should not be illegal
Is is a good method of expression

Foreign Policy:
We should stay out of everyone elses business and preserve our own nation
Use economic and diplomatic pressure, trying to avoid military action
Take military measures against those who pose a threat
Increase U.S./U.N. peacekeeping presence worldwide

Gay Rights:
Legalize gay marriage
Should have some laws protecting them
Do not allow gay marriage or different treatment
Schools should reinforce traditional family values to help curb homosexuality in developing kids

Ban guns and gun sales
Improve waiting periods and background checks
Reduce background checks and waiting periods
No restrictions on guns at all

Health Care:
Universal health care provide by government
Only try to improve current system
Health care should be privately owned.

Human Cloning:
There is no problem with cloning
Should be experimented with only in the interests of health research
Oppose in all cases

Federal Budget:
Increase spending and increase taxes
Maintain taxes and try to improve government programs
Try to reduce taxes without hurting government programs too much
Decrease taxes and decrease spending

US Border Laws:
Heavy restrictions on crossing the border
Send people back if they cross over
Allow peaceful people to enter the country
Allow people to enter the country and become citizens

Unions are very important
Allow unions but do not require workers to be in them
Unions are corrupt

Regulating sex and violence:
Remove regulations
Simply maintain current regulations
Use warning labels
Outlaw indecent material